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Beautifully Photographed Hardback Version Comes with DVD

It’s the thing we need the most, but which we often receive the least—positive reinforcement and feedback from those around us. In Green Beans & Ice Cream, author Bill Sims Jr. shares real life stories and techniques for using positive reinforcement (PR+), one of the most powerful forces on the planet for sustainable behavior change and engagement.

Every page includes photographs and graphics to support the concepts of positive behavior change.

At first glance, they don’t sound like they go together. But author Bill Sims, Jr.’s book, Green Beans & Ice Cream will become your favorite recipe by the first paragraph. It will change forever the way you deal with your family, customers and co-workers. In Bill’s thirty-year history, he has helped design more than 1,000 behavior change systems that have produced tremendous gains in performance and profits at America’s top companies including Disney, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, General Motors, and DuPont. Whether in the family, the school, or the workplace, Green Beans & Ice Cream is a must-read for anyone who wants to master the remarkable power of positive reinforcement and improve the performance of their team.

Green Bean Book

SimpleTruths version of the book.
Deluxe hard cover with full-page pictures. Includes DVD.

By Bill Sims Jr.

Deluxe Hardback, 136 Pages

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